It is that time of year for the Call for Nominations.  Several officers and board members have their terms ending.  If you would like to participate in the leadership of PDRA, please consider running for one of these positions.  Click here to get a Nomination form 2016 Calls for Nomination Form and here to see a map to determine in which district you live PDRA Districts Map and Description if you wish to run for the Board of Elections.  The following officers and board members are up for re-election.  Elections will be held at the General Assembly meeting on October 9, 2016, at American Quarry.


Tim Klima, President (two-year term)

Lisa Garrison, Secretary-Treasurer (two-year term)


Board of Directors:

  • North – Jeremy Hood – To fill out Jeremy’s term (two years)

                   Mick Wrenn – (three-year term)

  • Central – Dennis Harrow –  (three-year term)

  • South – Garrett Van Dreel – (three-year term)


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 If you are headed to American Quarry, please take note of the following message from Assistant Quarry Manager Roger Malone. These cars are being removed because they have reached a dangerous condition. We do not want anyone hurt.

“The project at American Quarry of moving the VW Beetles to shallow water is finished. The two cars are sitting on an incline just off of the floating dock, marked by a small buoy. We ask that divers stay away from this area while we prep the cars to be lifted out as they are hazardous. Thank you -Assistant Quarry Manager Roger Malone”


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          To get a PDRA membership, go to the Registration tab.  If you would like to pay via PayPal, click on the Members tab, then click on the Pay Online tab.  Fill out the form and complete your payment via PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay by check, click on the Members tab, then click on the Pay by Check tab.  Download the PDRA application, fill it out, and send the application and your check to the address listed.  New member rates are $90 per member plus $10 per each diving family member per year.  Renewals are $70 per member plus $10 per each diving family member.  To qualify as a family member, you must be the spouse or child of a regular member living in the same household or a child for whom the member is legally responsible.  All memberships run from January 1 to December 31.  There is no pro rating when joining later in the year.  If you were previously a member but did not renew by December 31, 2015, you must rejoin as a New Member and pay the $20 initiation fee.  If you have a question about when you can expect to receive your card and key, please call Tim Klima at 704-519-8308 or email him at tlklima1@msn.com. 


Check out and “like” our new Facebook page at NC PDRA



          Please send your proof of instructor insurance information to Tim Klima at tlklima1@msn.com.



          Beginning January 1, 2015, instructor fees will be eliminated.  All instructors must attend a mandatory instructors meeting before receiving their cards and keys.  Contact President Tim Klima at tlklima1@msn.com for more information.


 PDRA EMAIL ADDRESS:  pdra1963@gmail.com 

If you have a problem using the webpage or If you need assistance call: Lisa Garrison @ 828-310-6760 or email pdra1963@gmail.com.


      The PDRA is home to more than 1000 members through out  North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina which consists of individuals and families that are serious about diving safety and having fun. Instructional and recreational scuba and skin diving is made available through several PDRA-owned quarries. Each facility provides changing areas (trailers or buildings), picnic shelters with tables, sanitation facilities, easy entry areas with ample parking and other amenities. Membership into the PDRA is available directly from PDRA by accessing the Membership link for information about joining. The PDRA always welcomes new members!