New Instructor Application

Instructors who wish to become PDRA Member-Instructors must follow this protocol:

  1. Download the [New Instructor Information Packet] from this link.
  2. Contact one of the following members of the Instructor Committee based on the quarry you will most frequently be teaching at to set up an interview and review of the Instructor Candidate Checklist. Instructor Committee members are:
  3. In preparation for the instructor interview the Instructor candidate should bring his/her entire instructor package so that the committee member giving the interview can check it and make sure it is complete. Complete package is:
    • Application and fee.
    • Insurance policy or PDRA or PDRA Instructor Liability Responsibility Form.  (NOTE TO ALL INSTRUCTORS:  For insurance purposes, when adding PDRA as an additional insured, the official business address is:  1224 Sedgewood Lane, Lincolnton, NC  28092.)
    • Copy of instructor “C” card.
  4. After receiving your interview and having you Instructor Candidate Checklist completed, send the following to the Instructor Chair (address listed below)
    • Completed Application with a check for $90 for a new member who is becoming an instructor ($70 plus $20 initiation fee).  (There is no fee for becoming an instructor.)
    • Personal Insurance Policy naming PDRA as an additional insured or Notarized PDRA Liability Responsibility Form attached to shop policy.
    • Copy of instructor certification.
    • Do not send in application piecemeal. Send in complete package.
    • Instructor package checklist:
        __________ Instructor Candidate Checklist
        __________ Application and fee
        __________ Copy of Insurance policy

      __________ Copy of Instructor “C” card

  5. Incomplete applications will be returned unprocessed.
  6. Send completed Instructor Package to:

Tim Klima, President PDRA
3179 Hadden Hall Blvd.
Fort Mill, SC  29715

NOTE:  By Order of the BOD 9/20/2009 Assistant Instructors and Divemasters must work under the direct supervision of an Authorized PDRA Instructor. There will be no autonomous instructing by Assistant Instructors or Dive Masters while on PDRA Property.